The challenges of risk management
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The challenges of risk management

By: Jorge Luzzi

In this first book, Jorge Luzzi, president of RCG (an MDS Group company), discusses the growing importance of risk management in organisations’ strategic planning and how it’s fundamental to successful leadership in today’s highly unstable, complex world.


“The job of a risk manager is challenging; you need analytic insight as, when you put in place a prevention plan, you have to think of often unimaginable risks that could happen anyway...”

This book was based on an interview that Jorge Luzzi, Global Executive President of RCG Powered by Herco, gave to RISCO magazine issue 6 (Fall 2017). Jorge Luzzi now complements that interview with some topics relevant to the study of Risk Management.

We thank the interviewer and head of RISCO magazine, Álvaro Mendonça, for his kind collaboration.

I. Risk Analysis
II. Enterprise Risk Management
III. Risk Management in Logistics and Transportation
IV. Captives
V. In Conclusion: the future of Risk Management


Jorge Luzzi

Jorge Luzzi

CEO (RCG) & Executive Director (HighDome pcc) - Risk Consulting Group (RCG) & HighDome pcc

CEO of RCG and Executive Director at HighDome pcc, began his career in the insurance market with Marsh, and Risk Management with Ciba Geigy. In 1988 he joined Pirelli and, in 2005, became the group Global Risk Management Director, staying until 2013. Jorge Luzzi’s track record shows a sustained contribution toward the development of new skills in Risk Management, as skill development is key to grow the profession at a global scale. His involvement with sectorial associations began in Brazil, where he led the Brazilian and South-American Risk Management Associations. He also presided over IFRIMA — International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations; and, between October 2011 and October 2013, FERMA — Federation of European Risk Management Associations. Jorge Luzzi holds a degree in Administration from the University of Belgrano, a BA from ECEA, a postgraduate diploma from Saint Gallen and is a fellow at the National Academy for Insurance and Welfare in Brazil. He completed specialization courses at Mapfre and the Milan Polytechnic. He is chairman of Apogeris, the Portuguese Association of Risk Management.